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No templates. Ever. It's not going to happen.

Let's get this out of the way right off the bat: I don't use pre-designed templates for anything. I've never used a pre-made website template. I've never used a brochure, flyer or business card template. I've certainly never used a pre-existing After Effects project file for a video. And, I wouldn't be caught dead using a logo template for a client. Every single product I design starts with a blank page and the material you give me. That's never going to change. For some video projects, I even record and mix the music* during audio production. I want your final product to be original!


*While I can compose, record and mix music for your video project, I HIGHLY recommend purchasing a commercial license from a site such as for this purpose. It will be far cheaper, and you can find great songs for around $17. I'll be glad to assist with your research and selection.



Yup, I'm flying solo.

While some designers (and small web companies) try to hide how small they are, I promote it. is a one-man show. It is owned and maintained by Steve Harrell who is based in the West Little Rock area. I meet with clients and find out what they need. I design EVERY product that is produced. Many local web shops "farm out" all their design (and programming) labor to local talent such as myself. You can save quite a bit of money skipping the middle-man in this process.

How long have you been doing this?

I've been designing websites and print/marketing material for nearly nineteen years (as of 2014). This is not a hobby or a side-project. This is what I do for a living. I started creating web sites while working for the former online service Prodigy (AOL's former competition) around 1994. I've been involved/employed with five different Internet marketing start-up companies in East Tennessee, Chicago, Nashville and Little Rock over the last two decades. For most of my adult life, I've led design teams and directed art departments. Since 1995, I've designed more than THREE HUNDRED websites. I've created designs used with multiple server technologies including Classic ASP, .NET, PHP and even (the now dead) Cold Fusion.


I am not a programmer. I write a lot of HTML and CSS code, but outside of those scripting languages, I focus solely on design. I work with programmers to implement my layouts into a final website. I offer very affordable programming services for my own websites by using partners such as Umbraco and Shopify. For highly custom web applications, I am a partner with Sarich Systems - a programming company based in Chicago that specializes in .NET and heavy database management/development.


What services do you offer?

While my primary focus is Website Design, I specialize in several other forms of marketing as well. I have a solid traditional media background as an Illustrator/Painter, so any form of graphic design is an option. I can produce any printed material you might need. From a simple business card to a complex trade show booth design - I can make it happen quickly. I also mix/record audio in my own personal studio, so I do not outsource sound production needs for video projects. Here is a full list of my services:

Website Design
Logo Design
Business Card Design
Brochure/Mailer/Flyer Design
Package Design
Trade Show Booth Design
Custom Illustration
*Basic Photography (for website/printed material)
Video Production Services (for Web/YouTube integration, Tradeshow displays and HD Televisions)

If you don't see a design service listed here that you need, just ask.

*I work with with local trusted photographers in the Central Arkansas area. If you need a professional photographer for your website or printed media, I will gladly set up a phone-call/meeting. If you wish to use me for these services, I do charge $50 an hour (plus travel time). I don't mind doing this, but you will be far happier using a professional with superior gear/lighting..



Do you make PowerPoint presentations?

No. But, I will make you a HD video to show at your next presentation/conference that will melt faces and leave its victims awestruck. You can do PowerPoint and end with reactions of "well, that was interesting," but I prefer to hear "please take my money now." You know what to do here.

What software do you use?

Unlike most web-shop/design firm owners, I just don't waste a lot of time playing with Microsoft Office. I spend most of my days inside Photoshop and Illustrator creating things. I have quite a few more programs in my arsenal of eye-candy generators. I'm fluent (and quite comfy) using any of the following applications:


Adobe Photoshop (print/web/video production)
Adobe Illustrator (print/web/video production)
Adobe Dreamweaver (website HTML/CSS/Javascript authoring)
Adobe Fireworks (image compression)
Adobe Flash (website animation)
Adobe Premier (video production)
Adobe After Effects (video production)

Adobe InDesign (print production)
Adobe Audition (audio production)
Autodesk 3DS MAX (video 3d modeling/animation)
Pixologic ZBrush (video 3d modeling)
Cockos Reaper (audio production)
Native Instruments Komplete (sound production)
FabFilter Plug-Ins (sound production)

Slate Digital Plug-Ins (audio production)
...And enough fonts to choke a hard-drive.



Do you have a commercial location I can visit?

I do not - and this is a plus for my clients. I will gladly come to you, or meet wherever needed to discuss your next project. You are also free to schedule a visit to my home studio to discuss any project. I do not need an office/building to offer any of the services featured on this site. I conduct services with clients all over the country, and we can use the phone, email and screen-sharing services (such as JoinMe) to easily communicate when needed. I am able to charge far less than my competition without having the added expense of additional employees and commercial rent as overhead. My clients have full access to my personal cell phone number, email and home studio address. They are free to contact me any time to discuss their design needs. I'm probably more available for communication than the great majority of designers working at a web shop or marketing firm. When you need to discuss your project, you don't need to talk to a salesman. You need to talk to the person who is actually making it.


How much do you charge?

Every project is different. I do use "flat-rates" for some services (such as a logo and website design), but other services vary depending on the complexity of the project. Please feel free to contact me and I will glady discuss your project and what fees will be charged.



How do you accept payment?

For first time customers, I require PayPal or credit card. You can easily pay me via PayPal or I can accept credit cards using the Square service. I can physically swipe your card in person, or complete the transaction over the phone. I do NOT accept credit card info over email (as this is not secure or safe for either party). For repeat/returning customers, I will accept a business or personal check. I generally require half the total project cost up-front before starting any work. For repeat customers, this may not be necessary. Feel free to contact me for more information.



Can I have my development files when you're done?

Absolutely. I will gladly give you a copy of any development file used to create your project. These may include Adobe Illustrator (AI) files, Adobe Photoshop (PSD) files, Adobe InDesign (INDD), camera images (JPG) or Adobe After Effects (AEP) to name a few. You are free to use these however you wish. Most print jobs end with a PDF used for final output (for the printing service) which can include vector (resolution independent) media.



Who should I use for printing my project?

I highly recommend They do excellent work and can get your design printed in a hurry if needed (hence the name!). I can easily use ANY of the blank templates from their website to design whatever you need. I also work with several local printers in the Central Arkansas area.


For any other questions you may have, feel free to contact me and I'll get back with you as soon as possible.

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