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How important is good Logo Design?

I have to be honest - logo design still makes me a little nervous. I suppose it's because I realize how heavy the subject matter is. And I take it very seriously.

Your logo is the visual core of what represents your business. The logo is placed front and center before anything else viewed by any existing or potential customer. It's on every employee's business card. It's on the stationery. The trucks. The shirts. It's on the front door of the office. It's on the sign in front of the business. If there are brochures, it shows up on the cover page. If there's a TV commercial, it's appears at the very end as "the solution." If there's a website, it shows up on every single page. It's now your identity.



What defines a "good" logo?

Like anything design related, the concept of what looks good is highly subjective. But one thing is not subjective: successful corporations have exceptional logos. They all feature simple designs using basic shapes and limited colors for high visibility at any size. Most importantly: they are easy to remember.

The outstanding (and mass-marketed) logos are so familiar, we don't even read them. We instantly recognize them - just like our spouse or children's faces - and immediately associate certain feelings with what we see. We view so many quality logos today that most people just glaze over them. But when we make the choice to USE something - to seek out a service or a product - we suddenly pay attention to the package or the sign in front of the shop. Suddenly, it's a merit badge.

Once we have a good experience with that brand, it becomes a "seal of approval" for other products.



What happens if you have a "crap-tastic" logo?


You may not realize it, but a bad logo makes your business look third-tier. It says "I don't take my business seriously, so I don't deserve your money". If you expect your sales team to tuck their shirts in before meeting a client, you need to ask the same of your logo. When faced with competition, the potential customer is going to contact the guy who looks better. You may be the best, but you don't appear to be. Let's make sure that doesn't happen.


To make matters worse, a horrible logo will literally sabotage the design of anything you place it on. Changing an existing logo can also be a nightmare. Not only does the branding suffer when you change your identity - it can be expensive to replace your old marketing material. Let's get the logo right the first time.


Unlike most web design or marketing firms, I don't hide my rates. Here's a link where you can read all about the costs for my design work.


Below are examples of logos designed by Steve Harrell.
*All logos are created using Adobe Illustrator. The final version is a vector format that be can sized as big or small as necessary with absolutely zero distortion. All clients are supplied a PDF for print-work as well as a high resolution PNG (with transparent background) for web/stationary/general use. A black & white (gray-scale) version is also provided. Feel free to contact Steve with any questions.




Logo: Little Rock Crate & Basket Little Rock Crate & Basket
Logo: Alert America Alert America

Logo: Jez Enterprises Jez Enterprises
Logo: Eat My Catfish Eat My Catfish

Logo: Surety 2000 Surety 2000
Logo: Super Rope Cinch Super Rope Cinch

Logo: Searcy Industrial Products Searcy Industrial Products
Logo: SugarBerry SugarBerry Frozen Beverage

Logo: My Village Pharmacy My Village Pharmacy
Logo: Municipal Municipal

Logo: Starmaker Starmaker
Logo: Veritable Music Group Veritable

Logo: Music City Social Music City Social
Logo: SportaPottys SportaPottys

Logo: Tone12Tone12
Logo: Stanley Tactical Armament Stanley Tactical Armament

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