Click to learn about Web Design Services!
Click to learn about Web Design Services!
Click to learn about Web Design Services!
Click to learn about Web Design Services!


Getting your website completed and online has never been easier thanks to modern development tools and easy-to-use hosting services. You can skip all the complicated headaches associated with web design shops and marketing firms and let take care of the hassle for you.


The development process is pretty straightforward, and once work has commenced on your website, it's usually live and ready to use within a couple of weeks. There are three major steps for getting your website launched. First, we have a design meeting where all the details are discussed followed by the collection of media needed for the site (such as logos, images and videos). Second, the site is designed (usually inside Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop). Once the design is approved, the design is chopped and converted into HTML and CSS. This makes everything ready to be displayed inside a web-browser. Third, the site is deployed to the web-host. Pixelshock uses Amazon S3 service to host its websites. I offer two CMS systems. You can use Umbraco (a .NET platform), or Wordpress (a PHP platform). If you need help, your content can be added for you. You will also be trained on how to use your CMS and make changes to your site any time you want.

With a click of a button, your new site will be live and accessable to anyone with Internet access.




Pricing for custom website design is far more reasonable than it was a few years ago. Most sites (not using a commerce system) will cost on average as little as $1,500.00 for full development and less than $10 a month for hosting. Here is more detailed information on pricing.

Below are examples of sites designed by Steve Harrell.
*NOTE: Some of these sites were designed for other web firms. It is not uncommon for Web Design shops and marketing firms to outsource their design work to independent contactors such as myself. Every site displayed on this website was designed by me. Feel free to contact Steve with any questions.




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Website Design: Window Mart Window Mart
Website Design: Mountain Valley Spring Water Mountain Valley Spring Water

Website Design: 7th Street Tattoos and Piercing 7th Street Tattoo & Piercing
Website Design: 7th Street Salon 7th Street Salon

Website Design: Farm Credit of Western Arkansas Farm Credit of Western Arkansas
Website Design: The Houndstooth Press The Houndsooth Press

Website Design: Municipal Municipal
Website Design: Kevin G. Jones, DDS Kevin G. Jones, DDS

Website Design: Cheers in the Heights Cheers in the Heights
Website Design: Airmasters Airmasters

Website Design: Martinous Oriental Rug Co. Martinous Oriental Rug Co.
Website Design: Edafio Technology Partners Edafio Technology Partners

Website Design: Hogman's Gameday Superstore Hogman's Gameday Superstore
Website Design: Allied Technology Group Allied Technology Group

Website Design: Catering to You Catering to You
Website Design: APMR APMR

Website Design: Butler Manor Butler Manor
Website Design: Leslie Jewlers Leslie Jewelers

Website Design: Eat My Catfish Eat My Catfish
Website Design: GBMc & Associates GBMc & Associates

Website Design: ADONA Digital ADONA Digital
Website Design: Lauren Knight Fitness Lauren Knight Fitness

Website Design: REES Commercial REES Commercial
Website Design: Ruby Chemical Trading Ruby Chemical Trading

Website Design: Splashwear Aquatics Splashwear Aquatics
Website Design: Sonny Williams' Steak Room Sonny Williams' Steak Room

Website Design: UPD Universal Product Database UPD: Universal Product Database
Website Design: Woodland's Edge Woodlands Edge

Website Design: US Compounding Pharmacy US Compounding Pharmacy
Website Design: US Compounding Vetinary Pharmacy US Compounding Veterinary Pharmacy

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