How much do you charge for design work?
I try to make this part super easy. I charge a flat $50 per hour for all my services. This rate includes video editing and motion graphics work as well. I always discuss a "not to exceed amount" for every project to avoid any sticker shock once you receive an invoice. I'll do my very best to estimate how many hours any project will need, and once the price reaches that set amount, that's the maximum I will charge.
I do require a 50% payment on new projects before I start. For brand new clients, I do not accept a personal check as payment. The remaining 50% is due once the project is completed. I do expect payment within 30 days after emailing your final invoice.
What about revisions? Can I request changes as we go?
Absolutely. I want you to be happy with the final product. For some projects, I will email you some "in-progress images" so you know what direction things are heading in. I like to get as much input and feedback as possible. Sometimes production doesn't even start until you review some initial sketches. Logo design and illustration work ALWAYS include initial mockups and/or sketches before production continues. Every project is a little different, so we discuss how you wish to handle progression reviews beforehand. I will include some extra time within my estimates for changes and revisions. If those revisions or changes aren't required, then you will not be charged for those items. I'm very flexible about fixing things until we get it right.
Do you ever charge extra to make multiple revisions?
Only in extreme circumstances. This rarely ever happens, and I would warn you well in advance if the project was heading in that direction. I would also approve such a decision with you before making revisions of that magnitude. For most general revisions and tweaks, there's no extra charges. However, if we end up scrapping everything (or most of the design) we may have to discuss additional payment. I will do everything I can to avoid putting you in that situation. To avoid this type of problem, we spend a little time upfront with looking at other examples, planning effectively, and utilizing mockups and sketches.
How do I pay you?
The easiest method is to pay me through PayPal or Square via credit card. I can accept company checks as well. I do NOT accept personal checks for first time clients. I will email you a final invoice with an itemized list that breaks down all the details and charges.
Can I get a copy of the development files or photos?
You sure can. I will be happy to supply you with a copy of any development files used in production including Photoshop PSDs and Illustrator AIs. I also give you copies of RAW files captured from photography services. These images will be in Sony's ARW format. I can also deliver JPG images for approved images to make things a bit easier. Final video delivery uses the MP4 format using a high bitrate for excellent quality. This format will be ideal for posting to YouTube, Facebook, etc. Final audio (such as podcasts) will be delivered as a 320kbps MP3 file. I can also provide an uncompressed WAV if necessary. Print designs will be delivered in PDF format, and ready to pass along to any professional print service for reproduction. I will share a Dropbox folder with you so you can download a copy of all the development files, and will keep those links active for 30 days after a completed project. I will also email you a public link to download these files, so you don't even have to have a Dropbox account to access them.
Please note: I cannot distribute copies of commercial typefaces. If you do not own the same fonts I use within your project, you may have problems opening these development files (and be forced to substitute a different font). Any print projects will include a final PDF document with all fonts converted to outlines/shapes to avoid these issues.
I have other talent I want to use within my project. Is that ok?
I'll be happy to work with other designers, photographers, video editors or anyone involved with the production of your project. I do my best to stick with industry standard software and workflows, so passing off items for team-based production should be easy.
How long does it take you to finish something?
We will discuss timelines and deadlines for every project. Rarely there could be a delay before I can start production because of another commitment or looming deadline, but we will certainly discuss those details beforehand. I like to wrap projects up as soon as possible, and usually have revisions completed and ready to review within two weekdays (or much faster). In the exceptionaly rare situation where a client "disappears" and stops all communication mid-project, I will wait 30 days, and then invoice for the approximate hours spent on completed work.
Do you give refunds?
I do NOT provide refunds for the initial 50% payment of a project. This type of problem is exceptionally rare, and I have not had to issue a refund in well over a decade. I will still give you copies of all development files (and photos) if this were to occur.
I've got more questions!
Not a problem. Feel free to head over to my contact page, or just email me at I'll get back with you as soon as possible.
I'm also a super tech nerd. What platform or type of system do you develop on?
Greetings fellow nerd! While I do love my iPhone and iPad, my primary system is a Windows 11 based PC. I use a custom built (by me!) desktop loaded with an i9 10-core Intel processor. I use GSkill dual channel RAM currently at 32gigs. My video card is an nVidia RTX4090 (yep....I'm not playing around with render times!). I work off of two Samsung NVMe drives for storage to provide lightning fast 4k video editing and rendering times. I use various other Seagate SSDs and external drives for archiving older projects. My audio is processed through a 3rd gen Focusrite 18i20 which is routed through various 19" rack-gear from Warm Audio. I mix audio through a pair of Yamaha HS7 monitors and also cross reference my mixes with a set of Behringer "Behritone" single cone monitors. Last but not least, I have my trusty Wacom Intuos tablet near me at all times.
What platform do you use for photography or video? Can I open your RAW files?
My primary "daily-driver" camera is the Sony A7R5. This is a flagship full-frame 61-megapixel camera capapble of capturing images at astonishgly high resolution with excellent color science and image quality. It can also capture pristine 4k video at 10-bit color depth using various codecs for post processing/color grading. Even if you're working with other photographers/designers, they will have NO problems opening and editing the RAW images from my camera in any photo editing software such as Photoshop or Lightroom. I will be happy to supply you the full RAW images I capture for any project we work on together. I use lenses designed for the Sony Alpha e-mount system.
Do you think people will actually read all this stuff?
I'll be honest....probably not. But if you did get all the way down here.....props!
Plain or Peanut M&Ms?
Dude. Peanuts all the way. Come on now.